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With Amazon Global Logistics, you can ship ocean cargo from China directly to fulfillment centres in the US, UK, and EU.Requires enrollment in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program

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Receive up to an 8% discount.

Set up your profile today and get up to an 8% discount on your ocean bookings for 60 days after onboarding.

- Available with Standard Ocean freight transportation.
- Available exclusively for new sellers when they create a profile with Amazon Global Logistics
Terms and conditions may vary. Please review applicable discount with the sales team at the time of booking.

Why Amazon Global Logistics?

With our door-to-door freight transportation services, you can ship Amazon FBA inventory directly from China to fulfillment centres with reduced landed costs and competitive rates.

Our pricing structure includes services for each step of the supply chain journey, from pickup to delivery at Amazon fulfillment centers. Plus, conveniently book, pay, and track shipments. Contact customer support for any questions about your shipment.
Amazon Air Freight

Ship directly to fulfillment centres

Deliver your cargo faster by shipping from your origin warehouse directly to fulfillment centres in the US, UK, and EU. Send your FBA inventory directly with fewer stops, resulting in shorter lead times and faster replenishment.
Amazon shipping costs

Lower your FBA Inventory costs

Lower your FBA inventory management costs through more efficient logistics, book freight transportation at competitive rates, and reduce the number of logistics providers you coordinate with.
Seller Central tracking booking

Conveniently book and track shipments

Our user-friendly portal allows you to conveniently book shipments, make payments, and track cargo status all in one place—the process you are used to on Seller Central.
Our primary shipping method out of China is now Amazon Global Logistics. It's saved us more time and money in the past year than all of our other integrations combined.
James JunSpigen, Inc.

Use Amazon Global Logistics to ship Ocean freight to the UK and EU

For UK and EU destinations, you can ship your inventory using our ocean freight service. Simply choose Standard Ocean for either FCL or LCL. You can ship via Amazon Global Logistics to a single destination in UK and EU, allowing you to ship goods of the same sort type into a single Amazon fulfillment centre without having to split shipments.

Transportation products and services

Leverage our Standard Ocean freight transportation for cost-effective shipping.
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Standard Ocean Freight

Need the most cost-effective mode when shipping from China? Ship via standard Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than a container load (LCL) modes. With both FCL and LCL shipments, you have the option of floor loading cargo or shipping by pallets.
Floor Load Cargo

Floor Load Cargo

By floor loading cargo, inventory is placed directly in the container without pallets or other packaging, allowing you to maximize container space, and improve cost-efficiency.
Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

International shipping can be tricky. We provide customs brokers to expedite customs clearance, along with optional logistics services such as pick-up, palletization, and labeling.
Logistics Services

Logistics Services

To simplify your supply chain experience, we offer optional logistics services including drayage, cargo pick-up, palletization, and labeling.
Amazon Global Logistics is a really price competitive and convenient program. We plan to switch 95% of our shipments to AGL as it's so convenient and safe.
Petar UragaceAPV Trade Solution LTD

Get started with Amazon Global Logistics

Step 1
Set up Amazon Global Logistics account
Set up your Amazon Global Logistics account on Seller Central. Already an FBA seller and ready to ship with Amazon Global Logistics? Create profile. New to Amazon? Sign up to sell on Amazon.
Step 2
Complete the onboarding process
Set up a payment method, provide your importer of record (IOR) details, and upload the required documents.
Step 3
Book and track your shipment
Book your shipment from origin directly to an Amazon fulfillment centre. Book shipment using the Send/replenish inventory workflow. Track your shipment to the fulfillment centre.
Ship Amazon FBA with Ocean Freight
Questions on how to get started? Download the Getting started with Amazon Global Logistics guide. If you need more information, you can refer to the Frequently Ask Questions or contact us for support.
We can get the quote and ETA directly from Amazon Seller Central, which saved us a lot of waiting time comparing with other forwarders.
Kelly LiEinstein Associates, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

In what countries does Amazon Global Logistics offer shipping services?
We currently ship from mainland China and Hong Kong to the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.
What freight services are offered by Amazon Global Logistics?
Amazon Global Logistics offers Standard Ocean FCL and LCL from mainland China and Hong Kong to the US, UK, and EU. We offer end-to-end solutions including local pickup, palletization, labeling, cargo insurance service, and customs clearance at origin and destination.
What are the benefits of shipping cross-border with Amazon Global Logistics?
You can ship directly from mainland China and Hong Kong to US, UK, and EU fulfillment centres and reduce your landed costs. You enjoy a streamlined, end-to-end shipping experience, from cargo pickup at the origin to shipment to the fulfillment centre. We offer competitive rates, a user-friendly portal to book and track your shipments, and customer support.
Does Amazon Global Logistics handle import clearance?
Yes, we provide customs brokers to expedite customs clearance at the origin and the destination.
Will Amazon Global Logistics pick up cargo from my location or supplier’s location?
Yes, we offer a service to pick up cargo from your or your supplier’s location at the origin. Please select this service when booking.
Do you offer palletization service?
Yes. You can select this service when booking.
How do I start onboarding?
Start using Amazon Global Logistics in Seller Central by following these steps:
  1. Enroll in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  2. Create a Amazon Global Logistics profile in Seller Central
  3. Set up payment method
  4. Set up your importer of record to expedite customs clearance
  5. Create and track your shipment
How do I create a booking with Amazon Global Logistics?
Once you complete your Amazon Global Logistics profile and receive approvals for your importer of record, you are ready to start shipping. Use the Send/replenish inventory workflow to book your shipment.
How can I track my shipments?
Once your booking is complete, you can track your shipments online on our simple, user-friendly portal from booking to final delivery.
How can I reach Customer Support?
Once you onboard with us, our customer support team can be reached in the portal for any questions on your account and shipments.

Start shipping global ocean freight

Amazon Global Logistics requires enrollment in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). If you are already an FBA seller, create your Amazon Global Logistics profile. Contact us if you have questions on getting started.

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