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Our B2B discovery started with Amazon Business

Matteo Albonetti
Founder & Owner, Romagna Computer
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Modern technology in the middle of historical heritage

Spotting an opportunity to find a place in the evolving online business of IT product sales, Matteo Albonetti founded Romagna Computer in 2018. A small business company grabbing the main trend of the modern economy is located in the beautiful historical city of Ravenna on the Adriatic coast (Italy), this bright combination inspired the name of the company. An exceptional customer service before and after the purchase makes Romagna Computer’s stand out in a highly competitive sector.

B2B discovery for us came with Amazon Business

Being a 100% online business selling mainly computers and desktop monitors on several online channels, the company appreciates their experience with Amazon Business:
We see that the average order is greater in quantity when selling on Amazon Business.
Matteo AlbonettiFounder & Owner, Romagna Computer
Amazon Business has opened a B2B segment opportunity to their business: “We discovered B2B only once we started selling on Amazon B2C.” – shares Matteo Albonetti.

With the start of their B2B sales, the company noticed a very positive experience with business customers:
With B2B customers we have less returns and higher quantities per single order.
Matteo AlbonettiFounder & Owner, Romagna Computer

I would highly recommend Amazon Business tools to other sellers

The company finds it great that Amazon Business provides special tools to optimise their offers to B2B clients as their philosophy is extremely customer-focused, they are keen to understand the needs of their B2B and B2C customers’ and provide them with best possible customer experience. “Customers are pampered when they buy from Romagna Computer” – says Matteo.

As most useful tools to attract business customers Matteo names Manage Quotes, Business Prices and Quantity Discounts, and Selection Recommendations.
Selection Recommendations are useful when thinking of having a larger catalogue and to attract B2B customers. I would recommend this functionality to other sellers, since it has been very useful to me.
Matteo AlbonettiFounder & Owner, Romagna Computer
“Thanks to Amazon FBA, I managed to expand my customer base and sell in other markets such as Spain, France and Germany”, - marks Matteo. Their own brand was developing on Amazon “thanks to various programs offered, such as: Transparency program, Brand Store creation and dedicated sponsored campaigns”. Romagna Computer’s business on Amazon is growing and reached 70% of their sales1 , helping the company to close the last year positively despite the negative trend seen in the sector.

1Romagna Computer data 2022
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