Amazon Selling Partner 360

Whether in the early stages of selling on Amazon or more advanced in your journey, making impactful decisions on growing your business can be challenging.

Amazon Selling Partner 360 offers a premium, personalised consultancy solution. Leveraging a wealth of expertise on the Amazon Stores, your Marketplace Consultant will build a decisive, tailored strategy to help you prioritise the things that count - driving sales, growing your business and delighting our customers.
Selling Partner 360

What is included?

Your Marketplace Consultant provides analytical insights on your Amazon business. With your goals in mind, we use our knowledge to identify un-tapped potential and advise on exciting opportunities. By translating recommendations into clear initiatives and answering your questions along the way, Amazon Selling Partner 360 enables you to take effective action, optimise resources and make improvements that can facilitate your on-going success. Participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360 includes;
A Marketplace Consultant & Business Advice

A Marketplace Consultant & Business Advice

  • Liaise with your Marketplace
    Consultant to focus on strategy
    and growth
  • Access continued support,
    advanced coaching and best
  • Track progress through a monthly,
    data-driven business review
Merchandising, Beta & Pilot Opportunities

Merchandising, Beta & Pilot Opportunities

  • Stay informed on the latest
    Beta programmes and pilots
  • Take advantage of
    merchandising opportunities
    and events to promote
    discoverability of products
  • Receive relevant Amazon
    news and updates

How do we help you drive growth?

Using our knowledge on the key drivers for growth, our consultancy focuses on seven modules. These range from cost-saving exercises on operations, to driving visibility of your offers, and promoting awareness of your brand.

You will typically focus on 2-3 modules at a time with your Marketplace Consultant.
  • Detailed analysis of conversion rate
  • Personalised detail page improvement recommendations
  • Actions created for popular products and low performing selection
  • Keyword optimisation
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How have we helped other Selling Partners?

We have a lot of expertise on Amazon within our team, but having a Marketplace Consultant gives us an invaluable point of view to help us make decisions!
ArashManaging Director, NutraVita
Advice on how to approach FBA has really helped us, particularly by identifying the products that would do well. It is helpful to have a different perspective and this has all translated into sales, which we are very happy about.
VitaliyaHead of Managed Retail, Arcade Retail

What are the fees?

The programme fees are the total of two components: a Base Fixed Fee + a Variable Fee. This fee will be deducted on a monthly basis from your Seller Central account.

Monthly Fee

Base fixed Fee
Variable Fee
[Total turnover of previous month x 0.3%]*
*Please note: There is a monthly cap of £4,500 as the maximum fee.
The total turnover refers to sum of turnover across EU.


Monthly turnover = £30,000
£1,440 + (0.3% x 30,000) = Amazon Selling Partner 360 fee @ £1,530
Monthly turnover = £100,000
£1,440 + (0.3% x 100,000) = Amazon Selling Partner 360 fee @ £1,740
Monthly turnover = £2,000,000
£1,440 + (0.3% x 2,000,000) = Amazon Selling Partner 360 fee @ £4,500
Please see FAQs 25-27 for more information on fees and billing.

How can I learn more?

To learn more about Amazon Selling Partner 360;
  • Enter your details using the ‘Register Interest’ button below
  • We will review your account and one of our experts will be in touch if you are eligible for the programme
  • They will confirm your enrolment date (subject to waiting list) and you will be assigned a Marketplace Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions


1. If I am not a brand owner, can Amazon Selling Partner 360 help me?
Yes, the programme is designed to help both brand owners and resellers doing business in Amazon’s stores. The focus modules you work on will differ depending on your business needs.
2. Does the Amazon Selling Partner 360 Programme cover my UK and European accounts?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant will support your expansion and growth across UK and all European stores. If you have a unified account, your flat fee component of £1,440 will be charged once, regardless of how many European stores you sell on. If you have separate accounts for each store, you can choose which accounts we support and you will be charged separately for the chosen accounts.
3. Will the Amazon Selling Partner 360 Programme support my growth outside of the UK and Europe?
No, we do not support your growth outside of the UK and Europe. However, we work closely with the Global Selling Team and will be able to communicate new marketplace opportunities to you. Your Marketplace Consultant may also be able to put you in contact with teams that can support your expansion outside of the UK and the EU.
4. I have more than one selling account. Can I work with a single Marketplace Consultant to help me on all of my accounts?
Selling Partners must enrol each account separately in Amazon Selling Partner 360. Depending on Marketplace Consultant capacity, you may or may not work with a single Marketplace Consultant across your accounts. We will work with you closely to determine how to best manage your multiple accounts. Please refer back to FAQ 2 for more information on multiple accounts.
5. I am already working with several Account Managers at Amazon. Why should I pay for this service?
By joining Amazon Selling Partner 360, your Marketplace Consultant will; 1) jointly work on your strategic goals, 2) support in a more holistic way and not focus on just one particular programme or feature, 3) pro-actively check if there are growth opportunities for your account (e.g. expansion, marketing, selection, pricing), and 4) inform you about the latest Beta programmes and pilots. You will also get access to the Premium Selling Partner Support.
6. What are the eligibility requirements for the programme?
To be eligible for the programme you will need to have a registered Amazon Account, without any store level blocks. You will be added to a waitlist and if your account is approved for the programme you will be contacted by a Marketplace Consultant.
7. How do I know that Amazon Selling Partner 360 can successfully grow my business?
We continuously track Selling Partner satisfaction and use this to shape the future of our programme. We would encourage you to read the case studies of the positive experiences that other Selling Partners have had by clicking here.
8. I am having problems with my Amazon Account, can I get support before I enrol?
Unfortunately we are unable to support Selling Partners prior to enrolment, however you have access to Selling Partner Support regardless of your enrolment status so please leverage this service if required. Once enrolled on the programme, you will get access to a Marketplace Consultant to facilitate your growth and Premium Selling Partner Support to help troubleshoot specific operational issues (see FAQs 9 - 11 for more detail). Please note, Amazon Selling Partner 360 does not provide resolution of enforcement issues related to a Selling Partner’s account. All Selling Partners, including those on Amazon Selling Partner 360, must follow the same escalation and appeal pathways for ASIN or account level enforcement.

Premium Selling Partner support

9. What is Premium Seller Partner Support?
Participation in the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme includes exclusive access to the Premium Selling Partner Support service, which provides a consistent and high quality first-contact experience for operational issues (see FAQ 10 for type of issues covered). Premium Support associates are trained in multiple areas designed to help them best address those issues most relevant to Selling partners enrolled in our programme. In particular, the Premium Support team:
  • Receive cross-training in multiple areas that equip them to address complex cases requiring end-to-end knowledge across Amazon’s businesses and processes that are most relevant to Amazon Selling Partner 360 Selling Partners.
  • Are trained to address both technical and non-technical issues for Amazon Selling Partner 360 Selling Partners.
  • Work to identify areas to modify Amazon processes and helps drive improvements to help reduce Selling Partner issues overall.
10. If I enrol in Amazon Selling Partner 360, can I expect to receive different or preferential treatment when it comes to Amazon’s policies?
No. Amazon’s policies are the same for all Selling Partners and applied equally, regardless of whether you are enrolled in our programme or not.
All Selling Partners have access to Selling Partner Support. Selling Partners are provided support whether or not they participate in Amazon Selling Partner 360.
11. What type of operational issues can Premium Selling Partner Support help me with?
Covered Areas
Fulfilment by Amazon
A customer has complained that the FBA order still hasn’t arrived, please can you check its status?
How do I remove my unwanted inventory?
I have stranded inventory, please help reinstating it.
Selling on Amazon
I found a charge on my account that I cannot identify.
A customer requested a refund, what do I do?
There is an order I cannot fulfil, how should I proceed?
Incorrect Information on Detail Page
I want to update my listing with a new description, but I keep getting an error message.
I've updated the bullet points, but the changes are not reflected on the detail page after 24 hours.
The current information on the detail page is incorrect, please help in updating it.
How do I create a flat file?
I received error 6014, what does it mean?
Where can I find the latest inventory templates?
Account Issues
(excluding enforcement related issues)
I need to update my company details.
How do I add a secondary user?
Can I create a 2nd account under my company?
Issues with listings
(excluding enforcement related issues)
I'm trying to create a variation, but I got stuck and need help.
Someone replaced the image on my listing, please help in reinstating the original image.

Your Marketplace Consultant

12. Will my Marketplace Consultant help me understand the tools available to me on Seller Central?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can walk you through all of the tools available to you. You can let them know which information/function you are seeking and they can take you through it. If Seller Central is something you would like to learn more about, let your Marketplace Consultant know and they will plan this in to the monthly call. If it is an ad hoc question, your Marketplace Consultant will also be available via email.
13. Will my Marketplace Consultant provide support on our Vendor Central account?
No, the scope of the programme only covers your seller account.
14. How often will I speak to my Marketplace Consultant?
Your Marketplace Consultant will schedule a monthly call to review your business plan and help to prioritise actions. Additional calls may be scheduled to assist with optimising for growth and to address other business needs. Selling Partners will have their Marketplace Consultant’s direct email address.
15. How many accounts does each Marketplace Consultant manage?
Each Marketplace Consultant will work closely with a small group of Selling Partners. We limit the number of Selling Partners managed by a Marketplace Consultant so that they can focus on optimising your account and help you reach your business goals. We also regularly audit this, as our top priority is your satisfaction.
16. Are Marketplace Consultants Amazon employees?
Yes, all Marketplace Consultants are Amazon employees.
17. What level of experience will my Marketplace Consultant have?
All of our Marketplace Consultants receive in-depth training to best assist Selling Partners enrolled in Amazon Selling Partner 360, including topics such as fulfilment and inventory, selection and conversion growth, merchandising and advertising, global expansion and many more.
18. How do you choose which Marketplace Consultant I am allocated?
Marketplace Consultants will be allocated to Selling Partners once their portfolios have been reviewed. We ensure all Marketplace Consultants are trained to the same high standard, and that their Selling Partner portfolio is limited to ensure they are able to provide a consistently excellent service.
19. Will we have one person who will remain as our Marketplace Consultant for the duration of our time in the programme?
We can not guarantee your Marketplace Consultant will not change during your contract, but we value creating this relationship and getting to know the account closely, so, where possible, we will aim to offer continuity with same Marketplace Consultant.
20. What if I am unsatisfied with the level of service that I am getting from my Marketplace Consultant?
Satisfaction of our Selling Partners is our number one goal. On a monthly basis you will receive a satisfaction survey, where you can flag any concerns you have. These results are inspected closely by programme leaders to ensure the service we are providing is first class. You also have the option to request a call with a manager at any time to go through your pain points in more detail, and discuss how we can address them.

Promotions and Merchandising & Programme Opportunities

21. Will my Marketplace Consultant proactively reach out to me about new programme opportunities?
Keeping in mind your business goals, your Marketplace Consultant will let you know about new programmes, pilots, and betas that may help you achieve your objectives.
22. What kind of merchandising assistance will we receive?
Your Marketplace Consultant can advise your account on all Amazon deal types, including Coupons, Lightning Deals, Best Deals, and Deal of the Day. Deals are not guaranteed as part of your participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360, but they are a topic which your Marketplace Consultant will advise you on to drive growth. Fees may still apply to applicable deal types; you do not get free or discounted merchandising for deals and promotions as part of your participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360.
23. Can my Marketplace Consultant help me set up deals?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can coach you on how to set up deals and the various types available. In some instances, when you have eligible items, your Marketplace Consultant can set up a Deal of the Day for you. They can also help you develop a deals strategy based on the objectives of your business and provide strategic guidance, which can improve the likelihood of your deal being approved.

Programme Fees and Commitment

25. What is the pricing structure for Amazon Selling Partner 360?
Participation in the Amazon Selling Partner 360 Programme will cost you £1,440/month +0.3% of your total sales in the previous calendar month, including the item price but excluding any returns, shipping, gift wrap, or other charges (“Total Monthly Revenue”) +tax. Fees in any month will cap at £4,500.

Here is an example: Between July 1 and July 31, 2020, Kristin’s Jewellery Store, a Selling Partner on Amazon who participates in Amazon Selling Partner 360, sold £130,000 in Total Monthly Revenue EU-wide. Kristin’s Jewellery store would be billed £1,830 (+ tax) on August 1. Calculation: (£1,440 + (.003*£130,000)).

Please note, billing calculations are based on your previous month's Total EU-wide Monthly Revenue (“Total Monthly Revenue” = item price * quantity; Total Monthly Revenue does not include returns, shipping, gift wrap or other charges) and, therefore, will vary from month to month.
26. When should I expect to be billed?
You will be billed on the first calendar day of the month. See the FAQ 25 for how your fees are calculated. You will find the fee charged under the Reports Tab in Seller Central - > Payments -> Transaction View - > Service Fees - > Premium Services Fee.
27. How are my fees paid?
Fees are paid via your account balance. If the account balance is insufficient to cover the monthly bill, the remainder of the fee will be charged to the credit card on file.
28. Can I pay less for access to fewer services?
Amazon Selling Partner 360 is currently offered as a bundled package of services and cannot be separated at this time.
29. How long is the programme commitment?
The minimum commitment for Amazon Selling Partner 360 is 6 months. You may elect to continue with the service at the end of 6 months or opt-out with a minimum 30 day notice period. Amazon Selling Partner 360 reserves the right to end your service at any time. There is no maximum length of contract.
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