Strategic Account Services Pro Plan

For Arcade Retail, advice on optimizing untapped opportunities proves to be a game changer

Advice on how to approach FBA has really helped us, particularly by identifying the products that would do well. It is helpful to have a different perspective and this has all translated into sales, which we are very happy about."
Vitaliya, Head of Managed Retail, Arcade Retail
Arcade Retail has been trading since 2009, primarily focused on the UK market. After launching on Amazon in 2016, they have diversified their portfolio of sporting products to jewellery, home appliances and cosmetics. They have also expanded into foreign markets, with the help of Amazon’s international logistics. Today, 40-50% of Arcade Retail’s business comes from Amazon and it continues to grow in significance.

Joining the Pro Plan in May 2019, Arcade Retail was one of the first accounts on the Programme. When asked the reason for enrolling, Vitaliya said, “Our main goal is to offer a premium customer experience. To do this, we need to improve how we trade on Amazon and thought this programme would be a great opportunity to point us in the right direction.

Vitaliya was paired with Matthew and together they have been working together to implement Arcade Retail’s personalised business plan. Vitaliya outlines the amount of great advice she has received, including product information and participation in merchandising opportunities - “Advice is always tailored to our business model and priorities are clearly outlined in a roadmap. This has helped to focus our energy towards the best growth areas, and has undoubtedly contributed to our increase in sales.

One of the outcomes of discussions with Matthew was to adopt Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA): “Before enrolling, we weren’t putting much focus on FBA”, says Vitaliya. “Matthew outline the opportunity and helped put this on our roadmap as a main priority. We could see the benefits and changed our emphasis. We now send in 10 times the amount of shipments and this has translated into increased sales. We are now working on VAT registrations so we can continue our account expansion into other EU locales.”

When Vitaliya was asked whether she would recommend the Programme, she replied, “Strategic Account Services Pro Plan has really exceeded our expectations and we are really happy with it!
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