Strategic Account Services Pro Plan

For NutraVita, advice on optimizing untapped opportunities proves to be a game changer

"We have a lot of expertise on Amazon within our team, but having a Marketplace Consultant gives us an invaluable point of view to help us make decisions!"
Arash, Managing Director, Nutravita
NutraVita provides high quality, UK-made food supplement products and is celebrating its fifth birthday as a 100% Amazon launched business. Since 2014, NutraVita have been expanding their portfolio of products by 50% annually and still do 95% of their business on Amazon: “Amazon offers access to an unparalleled number of customers and as a Selling Partner, that’s a huge factor.

NutraVita joined the Pro Plan in June 2019 and were paired with Rachel - “it was quite clear a Marketplace Consultant was going to open up new opportunities to help accelerate our growth.” Rachel has a wealth of knowledge about all the different selling tools and services, and has been able to provide many valuable insights; “the best so far has been highlighting our demographic audience. This has helped us tailor our marketing efforts to be more precise and help refine our spending – it’s been a gem!

This proactive relationship between Rachel and NutraVita is a great demonstration of the Pro Plan in action. Arash describes, “now that we have a second pair of eyes, we are more confident than ever.

After just three months on the Programme, NutraVita saw great success, achieving a record month in September with more products and a projection to surpass £1 million in January. Rachel explains how she’s enjoyed working with NutraVita, especially on new product innovations and BETA programmes -“As well as optimising current listings, NutraVita are always excited to join new programmes that become available to help their account grow.

At the end of the interview, Arash concludes: “Amazon changes so fast, but the Pro Plan helps us problem solve in a streamlined manner and provides us with a number of growth opportunities.

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