Amazon Launchpad can help supercharge your brand

Our mission is to support emerging brands like yours to bring innovative products to millions of Amazon customers.
Since the start of the programme in 2015, Amazon Launchpad has launched more than 6000 brands globally with more than 250 surpassing $1 million in sales in 2019.
We have a more than 100% sales growth in Europe stores since joining Amazon Launchpad. From 6 SKUs, we expeanded to around 30 SKUs. We are very conident that Amazon Lauchpad wil lhavelp us not only sell more new products, but also learn more about how to make better products
DavidCEO of MixCDer

We help young brands

Stand out from the rest

Put your best foot forward with exclusive access to A+ PREMIUM.
This set of premium modules will give you the opportunity to elevate your brand with large format image and video content, hotspots to showcase the details of your product, and comparaison carousels to help your customers make the decision that best suits them. An additional “About the Startup” section allows you to tell your unique story right on your product detail page.

Get Discovered

Showcase your unique products to those to love to try something new
Our storefront is different because our mission is to bring different to the customer. Introduce your brand to likeminded consumers by featuring your products on our Storefront Collections.

Grow Customer Base

Help boost your growth with up to £/€ 2500 advertising click credits and run limited free deals
Spread the word with £/€ 500 Sponsored Ads click credits per marketplace (UK, EU). Once per week, your fees on deals will also be waived (excluding peak events). And we will match you with an internal Amazon Advertising expert to make sure that you are making the most out of your investment. *

*Campaigns need to run for a minimum duration of 8 weeks to be eligible.

Scale with confidence

Amazon Launchpad Dedicated Offer is an optional benefit through which Amazon provides additional support for eligible products that are (and have been) sold only by you – the brand owner- to final customers exclusively (i) through the Amazon EU/UK stores or (ii) through the Amazon EU/UK stores and your own branded website/physical stores in the EU/UK. For enrolled products, you will be the only third-party offer on Amazon. If and when your distribution model grows, this benefit may be adjusted accordingly to best support your business. Amazon offers this benefit to support entrepreneurs like you who have developed innovative products and are beginning their selling journey through Amazon.

Be supported along the way

A dedicated team of onbaroding, marketing and operational managers will guide you on your growth journey.
They will identify gaps and areas of opportunity for your growth, help you to create lisings, improve detail pages and optimise your account. You will gain access to your support team and a lot more benefits via Brand Portal within Seller Central.

Supporting global entrepreneurs since 2015

“We are a manufactuer-owned brand with a dream to build our own brand and make products with original deisgn. Not only by reaching those quality-oriented consumers and users who are willing to try new products , but also givng step-by-step growth tips to build a brand from scratch
"Amazon Launchpad showed us that the quality fo our product listings determine not only the customers' buying decisions, but also influence the search ranking and metrics on Amazon and improve our brand's discoverability. We were gratful to have received a lot of support from the team at the very beginning to build best-tin-class listings. Sales slowly picked up and conversion increased. "
"It's been a challengin year, without the support, we wouldn't have been able to maintain a positive growth. We appreciate being pushed a lot to do things that we wouldn't have done otherwise. A brand could do without it [Amazon Launchpad], but for some difficult topics, it would be hard to get the information. It's great expertise for a small price."
"Even though we are a startup, our goal from the get go was to build a global brand. Amazon Launchpad helped us take the plunge of global expansion, easing the inherent complexities. Premium A+ is making a key differnece, even more helpful were the tranlation services which enables us to propagate high quality listings across locales with minimum efforts."

Our selection criteria

  • You need to be a brand owner
  • You product is unique to you, and there is a clear differentiation. This could be on product design, the technology you use or a particular manufacturing method
  • Programme Fee

  • There are no upfront cost to join Amazon Launchpad. We only charge when you make a sale.
  • We charge 5% fee computed on the final selling price in addition to other applicable Selling On Amazon fees.

  • Please note: This application process is only for sellers based in Chinese speaking locales

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I already sell on Amazon, can I join?
    Yes, if you are already selling on Amazon, you can participate in the Amazon Launchpad programme.
    2. How long does the programme last?
    The programme requires a one-year commitment. After that period, you can decide to stay on the programme for longer, in which case you do not need to do anything, or to leave the programme, at any time, by sending us a 30-day notice via email.
    3. Do I need to be active in all EU marketplaces?
    No, where you sell is entirely your choice. Our programme makes it easy for sellers to sell into multiple EU countries and UK, but it is not an obligation. You will only be charge for active marketplaces.
    4. Can I only sign on in one marketplace, but not others?
    Though you can choose where you open stores, once the stores are open, the 5% fee will apply to all products available to customers in that marketplace. And that is due to the fact that our programme benefit applies to the entire account.
    5. Could I only enroll some of my ASINs?
    The 5% fee will apply across your whole catalogue. And that is due to the fact that a lot of our programme benefit applies to the entire account.
    6. How do your fees work?
    Selling Partners on Amazon Launchpad pay an incremental 5% referral fee, in addition to the standard category referral fee on each item sold. The additional fee applies to all sales on the account and is charged based on the total sum paid for the item by the customer, including all applicable taxes and customs fees.
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