Terms and Conditions

    "Amazon Sustainability Accelerator Program" (the “Program”)

    By participating in the Program, entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. The promoter and benefits provider is Amazon Services Europe S.à r.l. (“Promoter”), 38 avenue John F. Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg, Registered in Luxembourg No B-93.815, Business License Number 100416, Luxembourg VAT Reg. No.19647148.
    1. How to apply
    a. Visit https://sell.amazon.co.uk/programmes/launchpad/sustainability-accelerator and complete all sections of the online application form. Applications must be completed in English. The window for applying to the Program commences at 09:01 AM GMT on Monday February 6, 2023 and will close at 11:59pm GMT on Friday March 17, 2022 (“Registration Period”).
    b. Finalists will receive a communication via email by the Amazon Sustainability team by Monday April 3, 2023.
    2. Eligibility
    a. Applicants submitting an entry must be authorised to apply to the Program on behalf of the business they represent (“Participating Business”) and 18 years or older at the time of entry. The following are not eligible: (a) anyone connected in a professional capacity with the Program and that person’s immediate family members, and (b) employees and contractors of the Promoter (defined below) or its affiliates.
    b. The Participating Business must: (i) be the brand owner of the product it sells or plan to sell and that is linked to the relevant entry to the Program (not applicable for Participating Businesses (Recycling Technologies)); (ii) be at the early stages of its operation (typically, the Program is suited to companies either pre-GTM (go-to-market) or <2 years of launching its first product/technology/service offering); (iii) be registered in either the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland; and (v) employ fewer than 250 persons and which have an annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50 million, and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding EUR 43 million at the time of entry;
    c. There are 2 types of eligible Participating Businesses:

    1. Participating Businesses (Product): The product linked to the entry to the Program by the Participating Business must be a B2C physical product (i.e. intended for sale by a business to consumers rather than by a business to a business) available for sale to the public by 31 December 2023. Pre-sales will not be deemed to meet this requirement. Products will have quantifiable improvements in at least one aspect of sustainability, including but not limited to: recycled and upcycled materials and products, reusable everyday items, eco-friendly gadgets and tech, more-sustainable clothing, shoes, and accessories, plastic alternatives.

    2. Participating Businesses (Recycling Technologies): Startups targeting recycling industry challenges by providing solutions such as advanced sortation tools, waste management data systems, innovative recycling capabilities.
    3. Representations and Warranties
    Each Participating Business represents and warrants that:
    a. its products, services or technologies, including packaging comply with all applicable Laws (including all minimum age, marking and labelling requirements) and do not contain any sexually explicit, defamatory or obscene materials, and do not violate any third party’s copyright, trademark, design, database or other rights;
    b. it will at all times act with due regard to public morals and conventions and must not behave in a manner that offends a substantial portion of the community or reflects unfavourably on the Promoter or its products and services;
    c. it has full authority to grant the Promoter the rights referred to in these Terms & Conditions; and
    d. it will indemnify the Promoter against all loss, damage and liabilities arising from a breach of any of the warranties in these Terms & Conditions.
    4. Program Benefits
    a. The top 10 entries or the different number of entries that the Judging Panel deems eligible – up to a maximum of 20 entries (each, a “Program Member”), as determined by the Judging Panel, will each receive the Program Benefits (Judging Panel and Program Benefits are defined below). Participating Businesses (Product) who become Program Members are also referred as “Program Member(s) (Product); Participating Businesses (Recycling Technologies) who become Program Members are also referred as “Program Member(s) (Recycling Technologies),
    b. Program Benefits granted to Program Members will comprise all of the following (together the “Program Benefits”): (i) a 3-month accelerator program including workshops and mentorship starting Tuesday May 2, 2023 (the “Core Accelerator”); this can be hosted virtually (and Participating Businesses will participate remotely) or in-person, depending – among others – on the current pandemic restrictions; (ii) EUR12,000 or £10,000 , transferred via bank transfer (depending on where you are registered: only for Program Members registered in the UK, the payment will be made in £); (iii) USD$25K AWS Activate Credits, subject to acceptance of AWS Activate terms and conditions; (iv) for Program Members (Products), free access to Amazon Launchpad for 1 Year, including €/£500 Sponsored Ads Click Credits; (viii) office space for 3 months in London or Berlin (during the time of the Core Accelerator sessions) start-ups must be willing to spend weeks 1 (2/5/2023 - 5/5/2023),6 (5/6/2023 - 9/6/2023) and 12 (17/7/2023 - 21/7/2023) in person. Program Benefits do not include any expenses or costs related to the participation to the Program (e.g. travel and accommodation expenses) other than those expressly indicated under these Terms and Conditions.
    c. For Program Members (Product), it is a condition to accept the free access to Amazon Launchpad for 1 Year that Program Members sign up for the Selling on Amazon Services and agree to the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement and the Amazon Launchpad Programme Terms. Program Members also agree to have key authorised representatives participating to the Core Accelerator and attending all its modules and to participate and cooperate in any media relating to the Program including interviews, photography, and filming. The Participating Business and the Program Members agree that the Promoter has a royalty free, perpetual license to use, reproduce, edit, communicate to the public, and adapt all material provided to the Promoter as part of the Program, on or in connection with any media ("Content"). Each Program Member agrees to sign any further documentation required by the Promoter to give effect to this arrangement as a precondition to being granted their Program Benefits. To the extent permitted by law, entrants unconditionally and irrevocably consent to any act or omission that would otherwise infringe any moral rights in their entry.
    d. Program Benefits are not transferable and are not redeemable for cash. The decision of the Judging Panel (as defined below) is final and binding. If any element of the Program Benefits becomes unavailable or is otherwise unable to be provided, the Promoter may substitute such element with one of equal or greater value, subject to any written directions from the relevant authorities. Program Members will not be entitled to any additional compensation in the event that the Program Benefits’ element has been substituted at equal or greater value.
    e. As part of the Program, Program Members are granted office access in Berlin or London during specific time windows. To get building access, Promoter will require you to do a background check with one of Promoter’s providers. This needs to be paid for directly by the Participating Business, and each Participating Business’ employee that needs building access will need to go through this process.
    5. Judging panel and judging criteria
    a. The judging panel is made up of four industry experts both within and outside of Amazon (the “Judging Panel”).
    b. All entries will be judged individually on their merits and the Program Members will be selected by the Judging Panel based on the judging criteria set by the Promoter when assessing the application submitted by the Participating Business, which includes an assessment of the following: (i) founding team (expertise within the chosen industry, track record of growing a business and suitability to an early stage accelerator); (ii) opportunity (how big is the chosen customer pool and is it growing); (iii) business model and sustainability impact (sustainability of the business model and impact on the environment); (iv) solution validation (whether the product, technology or service solves the problem identified); (v) suitability of the Program for the Participating Business (whether the applicant company will benefit from an Amazon run accelerator). The list above is not a hierarchical list and the Judging Panel may attribute different weight to the different criteria.
    6. Program Members
    a. Program Members must accept all the Program Benefits by email within seven days as of the date of the email communication under Section 1.b above, otherwise the Program Benefits will be considered unclaimed. If the Program Benefits remain unclaimed, despite the Promoter making all reasonable efforts to notify the Program Member the next entry that best meets the judging criteria, as determined by the Judging Panel, will be deemed a replacement Program Member and such a replacement Program Member must accept the Program Benefits by email within seven days as of the date of the relevant email communication. If Program Benefits remains unclaimed in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, this replacement procedure will be repeated and the Program Benefits will be offered to the next entry that best meets the judging criteria as determined under these Terms and Conditions.
    b. Program Members are responsible for all taxes, expenses, insurance premiums, and any ancillary cost that may be payable as a consequence of receiving any Program Benefits.
    7. Promoter’s liability
    The Promoter is only liable for damages suffered as a result of wilful misconduct or gross negligence. In case of minor negligence, the Promoter is only liable for (a) injury to life, body, or health; or (b) foreseeable typically occurring damages resulting from the breach of a fundamental contractual obligation. The Promoter will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.
    8. Miscellanea
    a. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any Participating Business who provides false information, fails to provide information, conspires with others to gain an unfair advantage or is otherwise involved in any conduct that involves manipulating, interfering or tampering with the Program or otherwise preventing the conduct of the Program as intended by the Promoter.
    b. . Any personal property rights in entries are owned by the Promoter. Details from applications will be collected and used for the purpose of conducting and hosting the Program (which may include disclosure to third parties, including but not limited to agents, contractors, service providers for the purpose of processing and conducting and hosting the Program) and for promotional purposes surrounding the Program. By applying to the Program applicants consent to the use of their information by the Promoter for the purpose of processing, conducting and hosting the Program and Promoter may use this information, or disclose it to the Judging Panel for the purposes of identifying the Program Members and on Amazon’s social media channels for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes without any further reference or payment to the entrant. The Promoter will keep this information for a reasonable period of time after the end date of the Program. If the Promoter does not collect your information you may not be able to participate in the Program. This notice should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Notice that contains information about how we handle your personal information (including personal information collected via our website) and sets your rights in relation to your personal information (including how to withdraw your consent at any time). You can also contact us by sending an email to SustainabilityAccelerator@amazon.com if you have any questions about your personal information. The Promoter may disclose entrant’s personal information to entities (including, but not limited to, its affiliates) which operate outside of UK.
    d. During the course of the Program, you may receive Confidential Information. You agree that for the term of the Program and 5 years after its termination: (a) all Confidential Information will remain Amazon’s exclusive property except for customer personal data; (b) you and your affiliates will use Confidential Information only as is strictly necessary for your participation in the Program; (c) you will not, and will cause your affiliates not to, directly or indirectly (including through a third party) otherwise disclose Confidential Information to any individual, company, or other third party except as required to comply with applicable law; and (d) you will take all reasonable measures to protect the Confidential Information against any use or disclosure that is not expressly permitted in this Agreement; and (e) you will retain Confidential Information only for so long as its use is strictly necessary for participation in the Program or to fulfill your statutory obligations (e.g. tax) and in all cases will delete such information upon termination or as soon as no longer required for the fulfilment of statutory obligations. The foregoing sentence does not restrict your right to share Confidential Information with a governmental entity that has jurisdiction over you, provided that you limit the disclosure to the minimum necessary and explicitly indicate the confidential nature of the shared information to the governmental entity. You may not issue any press release related to the Program, or use our name, trademarks or logo in any way (including in promotional material) without our advance written permission, or misrepresent or embellish the relationship between us in any way. You may only use the "Available at Amazon" Badge as defined in and according to the Trademark Usage Guidelines available in Seller Central; you may not use our name, trademarks, or logos in any way (including in promotional material) not covered by the Trademark Usage Guidelines without our advance written permission. "Confidential Information" means information relating to Promoter and its affiliates, to the Program, Promoter’s or its affiliates services or customers that is not known to the general public including, but not limited to, any information identifying or unique to specific customers; reports, insights, and other information about the Program or the above mentioned services, data derived from the such services or Program except for data (other than customer personal data) arising from the sale of your products comprising of products sold, prices, sales, volumes and time of the transaction; and technical or operational specifications relating to the Program or Promoter’s and its affiliates services. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, customer personal data constitutes Confidential Information at all times.
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