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What your Marketplace Consultant can do for you

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Expert strategic guidance

Plan your Amazon journey with expert support to help you navigate the intricacies of selling on Amazon.
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Personalized recommendations

Identify opportunities to develop tailored strategies for your business in areas such as fulfilment, conversion, marketing and product expansion.

Strive for success with one of our growth plans

Whether you’re looking to master the fundamentals of Amazon or get in-depth business support, we have two plans to fit different business needs.



Limited consultancy service focusing on 1-2 priorities at a time. Offering reactive support for small/medium sized businesses focusing on short-term growth.
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Dedicated Marketplace Consultant with limited service
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Consultant response time: < 48 hours
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Business review every two months
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Short/medium-term goal-setting
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Selected bespoke reports

£625 monthly
+ 0.7% monthly turnover

Fees capped at £2,250. 6 month minimum contract



Holistic consultancy service focusing on 2-3 priorities at a time. Offering proactive support for larger businesses focusing on medium and long term growth.
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Dedicated Marketplace Consultant with comprehensive service
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Consultant response time: < 24 hours
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Business review every month
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Long-term goal-setting
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Full access to bespoke reports
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Support with global expansion
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Access to pilots and betas
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Dedicated troubleshooting support

£1,440 monthly
+ 0.3% monthly turnover

Fees capped at £4,950. 6 month minimum contract.
*previously known as Amazon Selling Partner 360

Big Potato

We’ve loved working with our Marketplace Consultant and have always felt they've been invested in our company and our company's improvement
Ben SmithPerformance Marketing Director, Big Potato
business customers

What our Strategic Account Services offer

Take a closer look at each of the ways the Essentials and Pro plans can help you drive growth, increase reach and scale with ease.
Catalogue Optimisation
Get the tools to deep-dive into new product expansion opportunities, receive advice on how to improve your listing quality with the aim of driving sales conversion and attracting new customers.
Customer reviews management
Limited support
Product performance review
Listing & search optimisation
Pricing tools & analysis
Limited support
Brand benchmarking
360-view image upload
Voice of the customer deep dive
Automated pricing tools
Fulfiment & Logistics
Receive specialised guidance on your logistics methods, access insights and tools to help you reduce costs, drive efficiencies and improve order processing and delivery.
Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)
Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
Pan-European Fulfilment Programme (PanEU)
Heavy & Bulky Shipments (FBA H&B)
Inventory Management
Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF)
Scale your business to reach new international and business customers. With our insights we can speed this process up and help you navigate the complexities involved.
Global Expansion & New Marketplace Launch
Limited to EU5*
Amazon Global Shipping Program
Amazon Business
*The five European countries of UK, DE, FR, IT and ES
Receive education on advertising** opportunities and unlock strategic insights on deals, deal events and coupons to increase product visibility, drive traffic to listings, and help you boost sales.
Sponsored Products
Sponsored Brands
Display Ads
Amazon demand-side platform (DSP)
Deals & Coupons Planning
Deals Performance Analysis
Top Deals for Major events
Limited to EU5*
Deals Troubleshooting
*The five European countries of UK, DE, FR, IT and ES
**Referral to Advertising Specialists for specific (Ads) insights and recommendations is subject to eligibility criteria
Protect your brand on Amazon, get insights into your customers and work with us to enhance your brand presence on Amazon
Brand Registry
Brand Store
Enhanced Brand Content (A+)
Customer Reviews Programme (Vine)
Brand Data and Insights
Limited support
Amazon Transparency Programme
Counterfeit Reduction (Project Zero)
Listing Execution Services
Receive direct support from our Listing Execution team who complete listing creation and optimization activities on your behalf, ensuring your catalog updates are accurate and in line with Amazon's listing policies.
Listing & variation creation
PDP optimization (A+ content, video upload, 3D assets)
Discoverability enhancements
Widgets creation
Disclaimer: The above listing execution services are included for all SAS Pro Sellers, and for SAS Essentials Sellers signing up on or after April 20th 2024. PDP optimization and Widgets are available to Brand Owners only.

We've achieved a lot since launch


Selling Partners supported selling in Europe


New brands registered on Brand Registry


Selling Partners achieved Climate Pledge Friendly Badges for their products


In 2022, Selling Partners joining Strategic Account Services grew by 20%* more than non-managed Selling Partners in Europe.

The fee table shows the breakdown of the costs for each programme. The fees for both plans are capped. The Essentials plan is capped at £2,250 and the Pro plan is capped at £4,950.
*As this figure is an average, it should not be taken as an indication of the exact growth your company would achieve as your specific growth will be dependent on your input and various other external factors.

**The total monthly value of your products sold on the UK and EU Amazon Stores, including the item price and any shipping, gift-wrap or other charges, for the month preceding the month in which the invoice will be issued.
Monthly turnover**



Essentials plan monthly fee



of your monthly turnover
Total monthly fee


Monthly turnover**



Pro plan monthly fee



of your monthly turnover
Total monthly fee



1. What is Strategic Account Services?
Strategic Account Services is an array of account management plans, offering Selling Partners guidance and advice via a Marketplace Consultant to grow their business on Amazon. We recently re-branded our Amazon Selling Partner 360 to Strategic Account Services (Pro Plan).
2. What’s the difference between the Essentials Plan and the Pro Plan?
Our plans are dedicated to your specific needs. The Essentials Plan target small and medium sized business looking for a lighter touch service through a marketplace consultant giving guidance on your Amazon Marketplace business components. In business reviews which occur every two months, your marketplace consultant will review your business performance and progress on defined action items with you and inform you about hot topics of the month. In between, your Marketplace Consultant will be available via e-mail.

The Pro Plan is our larger end-to-end holistic service offering with a higher touch service delivered by a dedicated Marketplace Consultant including holistic consultancy, access to analyses and reports, monthly business reviews and support on global expansion based on your needs. Additionally, a dedicated trouble shooting expert supports you on operational issues. In between, your Marketplace Consultant will be available via phone or e-mail.
3. What are the eligibility requirements for the plans?
We review each application before accepting them into the Strategic Account Services plans. We take into account business maturity and revenue on Amazon, among other factors. If your application is not initially approved, you might become eligible in the future as you progress on your Amazon journey.
4. If I am not a brand owner, can Strategic Account Services help me?
Yes, the plans are designed to help both brand owners and resellers doing business on Amazon’s stores. Your marketplace consultant will help you identify and prioritize strategic initiatives according to your business needs.
5. Does Strategic Account Services cover my UK and EU accounts?
Yes, our plans offer marketplace consultant support on expansion and growth across UK and all EU stores.
6. How will I be charged if I sell in more than one marketplace?
If you have a unified account, your flat fee component will be charged once, regardless of how many EU/UK stores you sell on. If you have separate accounts for each store, you can choose which accounts we support and you will be charged separately for the chosen accounts.
7. Will Strategic Account Services support my growth outside of the UK and EU?
Amazon operates across multiple geographies with distributed account management structures to support selling in respective countries. If you are on the Pro Plan and if you meet the eligibility criteria, your marketplace consultant will be able to communicate new marketplace opportunities to you and put you in contact with teams that can support your expansion outside of the UK and the EU, working closely with the Global Selling Team. Once the expansion is done, you will have to work with account managers, enrol in local selling partner plans (where available) from the respective geography to scale the business. Separate fees may apply in relation to participation in other selling partner plans in other geographies. This does not apply to the Essentials Plan.
8. I have more than one selling account. Can I work with a single Marketplace Consultant to help me on all of my accounts?
Selling Partners must enrol each account separately in the Strategic Account Service plans. Depending on Marketplace Consultant capacity, you may or may not work with a single Marketplace Consultant across your accounts. We will work with you closely to determine how to best manage your multiple accounts.
9. I am already working with several Account Managers at Amazon. Why should I pay for this service?
By joining one of our Strategic Account Services, your Marketplace Consultant will offer you advise on focus topics based on your needs. You will 1) jointly work on your strategy for the entire duration (not time-bound), 2) receive support in more than one particular programme or feature, 3) pro-actively receive inputs if there are growth opportunities for your account (e.g. marketing, catalogue optimization, pricing, brand tools), 4) be able to access extensive analysis and reports (unlimited only on the Pro Plan) and 5) get informed about the latest betas & pilots (only on the Pro Plan). In the Pro Plan, you will further work with a dedicated troubleshooting expert to support you on operational issues next to your marketplace consultant working with you on strategic topics.
10. How do I know that Strategic Account Services can successfully grow my business?
We continuously track Selling Partner growth and satisfaction and use this to shape the future of our programme. We would encourage you to read the case studies of the positive experiences that other Selling Partners have had by clicking here.
11. I am having problems with my Amazon Account; can I get support before I enrol?
You can use your access to Selling Partner Support regardless of your enrolment status so please leverage this service if required. Once enrolled on one of the plans you will get access to a Marketplace Consultant to facilitate your growth. Specifically, the Pro Plan also includes a premium service with a dedicated trouble-shooting expert to help on specific operational issues (see FAQ 12 for more detail).
12. If I enrol in one of the Strategic Account Services, can I expect to receive different or preferential treatment when it comes to Amazon’s policies?
No. Amazon’s policies are the same for all Selling Partners and applied equally, regardless of whether you are enrolled in our programme or not. All Selling Partners have access to Selling Partner Support and are provided with the same support regardless of being enrolled in one of the Strategic Account Services plans.
13. Can I switch between programs to get different levels of support?
We will recommend the most suitable plan to you based on your needs. If you are participating in one plan but you need further support or want to work on more action points than those offered under your current plan, we may offer to switch you to another plan, if suitable. Please refer to your Marketplace Consultant in case of any questions.
14. What does my first month in the Essentials Plan look like?
In the Essentials Plan, your marketplace consultant will contact you before you start to schedule an introductory call and a business kick-off meeting, in which you define your main growth area. After this we will coach you in your focus area by giving you trainings and sharing analytical reports with you in order to derive strategic recommendations for your account, with concrete action points. We will continuously work together on the improvement of your Amazon Performance and review your progress in our business reviews every two months (Essentials Plan). In between, your marketplace consultant is always available via e-mail.
15. What does my first month in the Pro plan look like?
In the Pro plan, your Marketplace Consultant will call you before you start to set up a Welcome Meeting with you. In this meeting you will get to know each other as well as our dedicated troubleshooting expert. You will receive a Welcome Pack with the most important information, webinars and programme guides. Until your second week, we will evaluate the current performance of your Amazon Account and set priority areas together on which we will focus in the next months. After this we will dive deep with you into your focus areas by sharing analytical reports with you and deriving strategic recommendations for your account with concrete action points. We will continuously work together on the improvement of your Amazon Performance and review your progress in our business reviews once per month (Pro Plan). In between, your marketplace consultant will be available via phone or e-mail.
Your Marketplace Consultant
16. Can my Marketplace Consultant help me troubleshoot existing operational issues in both plans?
The objective of your Marketplace Consultant is to provide you with strategic advice and not work on operational issues. When participating in the Pro Plan, you will receive a dedicated troubleshooting expert supporting you on operational issues next to your marketplace consultant.
17. Will my Marketplace Consultant provide support on our Vendor Central account?
No, the scope of the plans only covers your seller account.
18. Are Marketplace Consultants Amazon employees?
Yes, all Marketplace Consultants are Amazon employees.
19. What training do MCs receive in order to support sellers in Strategic Account Services?
All of our Marketplace Consultants receive in-depth training and have access to internal expert teams to best assist Selling Partners enrolled in Strategic Account Services, including topics such as fulfilment and inventory, selection and conversion growth, merchandising and advertising, and many more. Furthermore, our Marketplace Consultants will deep-dive into your account to find the best fitting strategy to your specific business needs.
20. How do you choose which Marketplace Consultant I am allocated?
As a Selling Partner, you cannot choose your Marketplace Consultant. However, our Marketplace Consultants will be allocated to Selling Partners once their portfolios have been reviewed. We ensure all Marketplace Consultants are trained to the same high standard, and that their Selling Partner portfolio is limited to ensure they are able to provide an excellent service consistently.
21. Will we have one person who will remain as our Marketplace Consultant for the duration of our time in the plan?
We can't guarantee your Marketplace Consultant will not change, but where possible, we aim to ensure Selling Partners have continuity with their Marketplace Consultant.
22. What if I am unsatisfied with the level of service?
Satisfaction of our Selling Partners is our number one goal. On a quarterly basis you will receive a satisfaction survey, where you can flag any concerns you have. These results are inspected closely by programme leaders to ensure the service we are providing is first class. You also have the option to request a call with a manager at any time to go through any issues in more detail, and discuss how we can address them.
23. Can I meet my Marketplace Consultant in person?
You and your Marketplace Consultant are welcome to meet in person to review your business plans and agree on actions for the coming months i.e. in one of our office locations.
Promotions and Merchandising & Programme Opportunities
24. What kind of marketing (promotions) assistance will we receive?
Your Marketplace Consultant can advise your account on existing Amazon deal types, including Coupons, Lightning Deals, Best Deals, and Deal of the Day. Deals are not guaranteed as part of your participation in Strategic Account Services as fees may still apply to applicable deal types. You do not get free or discounted promotions as part of your participation in the Strategic Account Services.
25. Can my Marketplace Consultant help me set up deals?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can coach you on how to set up deals and the various types available. In some instances, depending on eligibility, your Marketplace Consultant can set up a Deal of the Day for you. They can also help you develop a deals strategy based on the objectives of your business and provide strategic guidance, which can improve the likelihood of your deal being approved.
26. What insights will be provided by the reports you share?
Depending on your needs, we offer various bespoke analyses and reports across both the Essentials and Pro Plans. These reports cover catalogue optimisation, product selection and expansion, advertising and promotions, fulfilment, brand management and sustainability.
Plan Fees and Commitment
27. When should I expect to be billed?
You will be billed in the first five calendar days of the month. Your monthly fees are calculated on the preceding monthly turnover (based on your gross sales month in the previous calendar month) on the UK and Amazon Stores. Monthly fees are net of applicable taxes and are non-refundable.
28. How are my fees paid?
Fees are paid via your account balance. If the account balance is insufficient to cover the monthly bill, the remainder of the fee will be charged to the credit card on file.
29. Can I pay less for access to fewer services?
Both Strategic Account Services are bundled packages and services which cannot be separated at this time.
30. How long is the plan commitment?
We require Selling Partners to commit to Strategic Account Services for a minimum of six months. You can opt out at the end of 6 months by giving a minimum of 30 days notice. Amazon reserves the right to end your service at any time. There is no maximum commitment.

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