Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU

Growing your FBA business has never been easier. Start selling across the border using your local FBA inventory eligible for Prime shipping.

Achieve more success selling all across Europe with Pan-European FBA

What is Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU?

Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU enables thousands of businesses to sell across the border easily without the requirement to register for VAT in the destination store.

Simply continue to send your FBA inventory to your local fulfilment centres and enable Remote Fulfilment with FBA, Amazon will fulfil your orders across the border on your behalf, maximizing inventory control and flexibility. Amazon will be responsible for collecting and remitting any VAT or import duties on the sale, which the customer will pay at checkout.

Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU is available only between the UK and Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Why sell with Remote Fulfilment between
the UK and EU?

Save on your fulfilment costs
Fulfill cross-border orders with a single VAT number
With Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU, you can fulfil orders in both EU and UK without registering for VAT in each destination store as Amazon, or the customer, will be responsible for payment of any VAT. To learn more, go to the UK and EU VAT on E-commerce legislation.
Sell to millions with the Prime badge
Sell to millions and provide customers the Prime experience
List your products in the required Amazon European stores, with Prime badge eligibility in countries you selected for storage. Customers worldwide trust Amazon Prime for faster, more reliable deliveries.
Accelerate your growth with flexible storage
Inbound into one country, fulfil to many
With Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU, you have the option to just inbound into one side of the border, and Amazon will simply use that inventory to fulfill cross-border orders. If you are already inbounding into the UK or EU or both the UK and EU, Amazon will ship your eligible items to your customers from your local fulfilment center, and utilize Remote Fulfilment if your local fulfilment centers are out of stock.
Provide the fast delivery that customers love
Let Amazon take care of duties and customs
You sell, we ship your eligible products to your customers for you. Minimize the need to manage multiple vendors and systems to ensure shipping and regulatory requirements are met.
We have found Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU very easy to use and it seamlessly works in both directions for us. In addition it has helped us swiftly increase the number of products available to customers in the EU.
Audrey BuckEasyBlinds

How does Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU work in 3 simple steps?

Thousands of sellers chose Remote Fulfilment because it lets you sell to customers between the UK and EU without sending any inventory cross border, meaning it’s efficient and easy.

Overview and Sign Up to RF UK-EU

How to expand your business between the UK and EU with Remote Fulfilment with FBA?

Fees for RF UK-EU

Which are the fees for selling through Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU?

Product Eligibility for RF UK-EU

Which products are eligible for Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU?

What’s the difference between Remote Fulfilment and Pan-European FBA?

How the
programmes work


Pan-European FBA

Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU

Inventory management
Flexible storage, you decide where to store your products
Your products stored across United kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and/or Spain
Fulfilment costs
Local fulfilment fees in the countries you select for storage, while cross border fees in the remaining ones
Cross border fees between UK and EU
Importer of record
The Selling Partner
The customer
VAT requirements
VAT number required where goods are stored
VAT number not required in the destination store
Amazon VAT resources

Build International Listings tool

You save time and effort by managing offers in one marketplace!

The Build International Listings tool helps you create and update offers from a single source marketplace to one or more target marketplaces. By using the same as source marketplace, adjusted for fees and taxes pricing rule to account for exchange rates, fulfilment fees and VAT in the destination marketplace, you can ‘Set and forgot’ your pricing, knowing you will get the same profit from selling as you would in your home-store.

Revenue calculator

Estimate your Amazon revenue

Use the FBA revenue calculator to provide your product details and shipping costs to see an instant cost comparison between FBA, Pan-EU FBA and Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU. As a reminder, these costs will be different from standard FBA to account for shipping cross border on your behalf. Referral fees will be based on the store where the product was bought.
Revenue Calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Fulfillment by Amazon
What is Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU?
Previously know n as European Fulfilment Network between the UK and EU, Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU allows you to sell your products across borders without having to send inventory into those countries yourself. When enrolled in the programme, your listings will be available on across EU/UK Amazon stores. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) will use your inventory to complete orders across the border directly to the customer.
What countries can I sell my products into using Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU?
On Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU, you are only able to sell on the arcs between the UK and Germany, France, Italy and Spain.
How do returns work?
Remote Fulfilment customer returns are handled the same way as local FBA returns. If a customer returns an imported item, we’ll send it back to your source fulfilment centre in UK/EU, subject to customer returns policy and fees.

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