Get started with selling on Amazon the right way

Having a good start is really important to make your Amazon selling journey a success. This page will show you the steps you need to take to sign up, get set up and succeed in your first 90 days.

Steps to sign up and get started

1. Register and verify your account

Register your Amazon selling account
This video will help you get ready for Amazon's registration process to start selling your products in the EU and UK.
What to expect:
You will need to provide your information and documents and we’ll verify your submission. This can take up to ten weeks. But, don’t worry you can get your account set up while you wait.
What you'll need:
  • Valid government-issued ID or passports
  • Recent bank account or credit card statement
  • Chargeable credit card
  • A mobile phone
£25 (excl. VAT) per month + selling fees
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2. Setup your account

Get to know Seller Central
Learn about Amazon Seller Central dashboards, tools, resources, and programmes, and understand access by seller type and brand status.
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Edit your deposit and charging methods
Allocate a bank account for payments and charges for your account. You can do it, by going into Settings>Account Info>Payment Information.
Add your VAT information
You must provide us with up-to-date VAT information so that we can confirm who you are and where your business is located.
Manage invoicing and activate VAT Calculation Service (VCS)
VCS is a service free of cost that lets Amazon automatically generate invoices for your Amazon orders. Selling Partners who activated VAT Calculation Service experience on average a 50% uplift in B2B sales in the first month after enrolment.
Set up your returns settings
Edit your returns settings to adjust your return information for each store that you sell in.

3. Get to know and comply with EU regulations while you wait to be verified

Get to know VAT across Europe
VAT can be a complex topic for businesses who sell or are willing to sell products in Europe. Watch this video to learn the fundamental principles of VAT in Europe.
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Manage your compliance
If you list products on Amazon's store, you must comply with all federal, state, provincial, territorial, and local laws and our policies applicable to those products and product listings.
Comply with EPR Regulations
EPR is an environmental policy principle that makes the producer responsible for the entire life cycle of the products. Check requirements, comply with them and provide Amazon proof of your compliance.

4. Register your brand

If you resell other brands, skip to step 5
If you already have an active registered or pending trademark, you can start the enrollment process now. If you don't have a trademark, apply for one with the help of Amazon IP Accelerator.
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5. List your first product!

You are ready to list your first product here’s a video on how to list your products
This video will share with you the fundamentals of using the 1x1 add a product process. And Introduce you to how to upload products in bulk to your account.
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I’ve sold so far to over 25 countries and 39 U.S. states. That just wouldn’t be possible if I wasn’t selling on Amazon…
Kate ChestersArtist, Brand Owner, Kate Chesters Art
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New Seller Guide

Our data scientists have studied numerous sales results, looked at business strategies and crunched the numbers to create the ultimate way to succeed. Aptly named the New Seller Guide – these 5-step checklist will help you fly through your first 90 days as a seller on Amazon.
Step 1
List, list, list
List your product in the first 90 days of your launch.
Step 2
Enrol in FBA
Amazon takes care of storage, delivery to customers, customer service and returns handling. Your orders are filled and shipped even when you’re on vacation!
Step 3
Spotlight your products with sponsored ads, deals and coupons
Show off your products with a Sponsored Products ad, deal or coupon. These are quick and easy to set up, and can help your customers find your products quickly.
Step 4
Boost engagement with product reviews
Generate buzz and receive reviews for a brand you enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry by using Amazon Vine, a program that helps generate high-quality customer reviews from Amazon-trusted reviewers.
Step 5
A+ Content
Create a unique brand story, add enhanced images and videos, useful product demonstrations and more. By adding A+ content to your detail pages, you can help increase sales by an average of 5.6%!* It’s time to get creative.
*Amazon internal data, 2020

Now you know what you need to get started! Sign up today

Selling on Amazon allows you to reach tens of millions of shoppers, whether you’re selling one item or millions. Your account configuration is set to sell across Europe
Ready to sign up?
£25 (excl. VAT) per month + selling fees
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