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"Amazon Launchpad has seen us have 300% YoY revenue growth"
Hannah Saunders
Founder, Toddle

About the brand

I founded Toddle after having my son when I was still in the RAF. I love the outdoors and wanted to share those experiences with my kids. On our adventures I found that my son’s sensitive skin struggled in the outdoors. So I decided to make my own lip balm to prevent him from getting chapped lips and a sun cream to shield from any wind burns. Two years later and working in collaboration with leading chemists and Universities our eco-skin care range for kids was then born.

Why did you find Amazon Launchpad appealing?

The benefits you get from Amazon Launchpad and the brand awareness were the deciding factors for me. In my network I’d seen other businesses do really well on there, so it came highly recommended as well.

We initially struggled with brand awareness and just getting the name out there. The top of funnel was proving very expensive, being on Amazon Launchpad really helped us, the sheer volume of customers on Amazon saw us grow our customer base quickly.

Toddle was launched on Amazon Launchpad just before the pandemic, which was a perfect time to launch with shops shutting, as our retail sales in the first year stopped. Amazon Launchpad really saved us.

How has Amazon Launchpad helped your brand?

We have seen amazing growth through being on Amazon Launchpad. Through their support on how to feature on the front page of the website, and with program benefits, like free advertising credits or support on running deals, we’ve seen a 300% YoY growth in revenue. We wouldn’t be able to employ the people we do, or grow where we are, without Amazon Launchpad!

What are some of the best benefits of Amazon Launchpad?

This could be a really long answer, but I’ll just pick two: First, we love the Vine programme; it’s helped us get authentic reviews, which make such a difference to sales conversions.

Second, we’re getting advertising help from the Amazon advertising team. They’re so knowledgeable about how to be most effective with our ad budgets and are available to jump on a call whenever we need! They’ve helped us set up our marketing strategy on and off Amazon, and having such an intelligent holistic strategy is having a real impact on our growth.
They've helped us set up our marketing strategy on and off Amazon and it's having real impact having such an intelligent holistic strategy.
Hannah SaundersFounder, Toddle

How would you describe Amazon Launchpad in three words?

Absolute game changer.


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