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From registration to listing and payments, third-party service providers
can help you run a successful export business.
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What is the Service Provider Network?

Amazon has identified a group of trusted third-party service providers who can assist you to speed up your export journey with their expertise. Amazon’s Service Provider Network (SPN) can aim to help you with every step of selling internationally - from shooting great images to transporting your products to Amazon fulfilment centres and more.
Thanks to Amazon SPN, I could find the right support for VAT registration in UK and rest of Europe. This helped me save time and efforts, so I could focus on my core business.
Rohan KhandujaTripole Gears

Register and list your products

Register with Amazon Global Selling on Seller Central by sharing your business details and document requirements. You can then list your products on any or all of the 18 international marketplaces.

Imaging providers

Imaging services can help you increase views for your products with quality images that follow Amazon guidelines.

Cataloguing and brand content providers

To make your product listing more visible, cataloguing and brand content providers support you with A+ content, rich product descriptions and features that can lead to better conversions.

Decide where and what to sell

To start an export business from the UK, understand what products you want to sell internationally and which countries you want to export to. Depending on this, obtain the required documents and licences.

Compliance & taxes providers

Before you list your products, you must ensure they and your company meet the rules, regulations, and laws of the intended marketplace. Compliance service providers offer certification, inspection and quality assurance services, while tax service providers assist you in registering your company with the tax authority and filing tax based on your income earned from Amazon. If you want to understand more about product compliance, visit the dedicated page.

Compliance providers

Tax providers

Ship and deliver internationally

As an Amazon global seller, you need to both store your products and deliver them to your customer. You can choose to take care of this (Merchant Fulfilled Network) or let Amazon do it for you by opting for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

International shipping providers

For facilitating your shipment to FBA fulfillment centers or directly to customers, international shipping providers assist you through the process - from regulatory requirements to custom clearances.

International returns providers

If you have opted for FBA, international return service providers help you when customers return items from orders you fulfill. They can accept returns from customers, consolidate them and send them back to you, send them to another buyer or provide other alternatives.

Manage and grow your export business

To enhance and grow your business, you can use Amazon's tools and programs at different stages of your journey like export documentation, logistics, returns and more.

Account management & advertising optimization providers

Amazon provides multiple tools and programs to help you grow your business. Third-party service providers help you manage your account and optimize your listings as per your business goals. Advertising optimization service providers help you improve your product visibility through keyword search results and sponsored advertisement campaigns on Amazon.

Account management providers

Advertising optimization providers

IP Accelerator providers

IP Accelerator service providers can help you research potential brand names and file trademark applications to protect your brand.

How to use the Service Provider Network?

Step 2

Visit the SPN website and select the service category you want.

Step 3

Filter results by service, location, language or reviews to find what you need.

Step 4

Once you find the service that you need assistance with, click “Contact Provider” to raise a service request.

Step 5

The third-party service provider will contact you.
If you're facing difficulties in contacting a service provider, please write to us at
Disclaimer: Please be aware that Amazon is providing these listings solely as an informational resource. If you choose to retain a service provider, you will be contracting directly with that provider, which will be providing services to you at your direction. Amazon does not endorse any service provider or its services. Any prices shown above in a converted currency are presented for your reference only, and the service providers may charge you in a different currency or amount, plus any applicable taxes.

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