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Learn how Amazon Compliance Solutions can support you to become compliant with applicable regulations to sell across Europe
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We help you become compliant while you focus on growing your business

Whether you need a VAT registration number, help to handle your VAT filings, support to manage your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements, get a EPR registration number or need support with a customs clearance and shipping services – Amazon Compliance Solutions has you covered.

We enable Amazon selling partners with a comprehensive list of compliance solutions to support you grow and expand your business across European countries. The compliance services on Amazon help you become compliant, so you can focus your time and efforts on growing your business.

Amazon Compliance Solutions is a set of compliance services accesible in Seller Central across Tax, Environmental, Product and International Trade Compliance categories. The compliance services currently available on Amazon are:

Amazon Compliance Solutions benefits

Our services are accesible within Seller Central, making your compliance experience smooth.
Excellent quality service
We carefully select expert third-party providers and negotiate special rates to ensure you receive excellent quality of service.
Dedicated customer support
Our dedicated seller support team is always here to help you in your language of choice (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese).

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Amazon Compliance Solutions
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