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On average, B2B customers tend to have a larger basket size and return products less frequently.

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What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business gives you additional opportunity to grow your sales with new business customers of all types and sizes.

Grow with us

Reach 5M business customers

globally, including EU and UK largest companies, universities, cities, hospitals, schools and other organizations

Gain their trust

Benefit as a seller from Amazon's outstanding customer awareness and trust

Grow with Amazon's support

via selection, pricing and invoicing solutions to help you be successful with B2B customers
Our customers include:


of Fortune 100 companies


of the 100 most populous local governments


of the 100 largest hospital systems


tax-exempt, charitable organizations

Amazon Business features for selling partners

free of charge for registered selling partners
Accept Requests for Quotes

Selection recommendations

To support you in defining what products to sell, we analyse and share with selling partners what products are highly demanded by business customers.

Business pricing & quantity discounts

Using Business pricing tools you can create and automate pricing strategy exclusive to business customers and incentivize them to purchase in bulk by offering tiered quantity discounts.
Business Pricing &  Quantity Discounts
VAT-exclusive price display

VAT Calculation Service: VAT-exclusive pricing and invoicing automation

Amazon helps you deliver compliant invoices as your business customers require. The VAT Calculation Service calculates the VAT included in your listing price to display VAT-exclusive prices on your offers to business customers. It will create and deliver VAT-invoices (or receipts for VAT-exempt Selling partners) automacitally on your behalf. You will have access to detailed reports and build trust with customers due to an invoice guarantee for each transaction.


global annualized
Amazon Business sales

over 50%

of these sales are generated
by Selling partners


items sold annually by EU and UK sellers on Amazon Business

Get started with Amazon Business

Step 1

Register as a selling partner
If you are already a registered Amazon seller - move to step 2 as you automatically can also sell on Amazon Business

Step 2

Add products to your catalogue
Either one by one or using bulk tools.

Step 3

Grow sales with specialized B2B features
You can automate invoicing using our free VAT Calculation Service, set business prices and quantity discounts to tailor your offers to business customers and expand your selection with high-in-demand product recommendations.
Congratulations! Now you're set up and we will notify you when customers place an order, so you can ship them and get paid.

Would you like more support from Amazon? - Amazon is here to make your life easier. Benefit from one of the most advanced and trusted fulfillment networks in the world, letting Amazon do storing and shipping for your products. Learn more about Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

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£25 (excl. VAT) per month + selling fees

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Clim Profesional

"The VAT Calculation Service saves time and effort both for customer and seller as you can outsource the invoice-providing service to Amazon."
Jesús González Burgos
Director & Founder, Clim Professional


"When we started adding Business prices and Quantity discounts, that led to a good raise in the B2B sales."
Stephan Harpeng
CEO Assistant & Quality Manager, TIGA-MED


"We have reached thousands of new customers since selling on Amazon Business."
Emma Haselip
Head of Marketplaces, Best4Systems

Romagna Computer

"Selection Recommen-dations are useful when thinking of having a larger catalogue and to attract B2B customers. I would recommend this functionality to other sellers, since it has been very useful to me."
Matteo Albonetti
Founder & Owner, Romagna Computer

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£25 (excl. VAT) per month + selling fees

Amazon Business
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